Celtic Junction Arts Center

Weaving the traditions of Dance, Music, Art & Language

836 Prior Avenue
St. Paul, MN, 55104


Celtic Christmas Hooley, Dec 15,16,17


Four shows. Two evening, two matinee! Holiday fun for the whole family with traditional folk music, Irish step dance, Christmas carols, cute kids, and Santa! Come for the mulled wine & popcorn, stay for the cheer.

No sweat Irish!: Spoken Modern Irish, Jan 18 - March 22

With Tom Jeffers. Learn how to speak and write the Irish Gaelic language in a fun, relaxed, and innovative community environment using contemporary approaches to language acquisition. Incorporating conversation, songs, and games, this 10-week course takes the pressure and hard work out of Irish Gaelic and makes it an enjoyable and creative pursuit.

Brass Lassie's Album Fundraiser Kickoff! Jan 20

BRASS LASSIE combines traditional Scottish and Irish tunes, songs and styles with dazzling modern horn lines, featuring fiddles, flutes, pipes, concertina, step-dance, a powerful 4-piece brass section, and smart, joyous arrangements from top-notch jazz arrangers.

Introduction to the Course of Irish History, Jan 22 - March 12

With John Davenport. A survey class in Irish history for all levels of learners using the classic text, The Course of Irish History in its most recent edition[T.W. Moody and F.X. Martin (et. al.); New York: Rinehart, Roberts Publishers, 2012. 5th edition]. The class will take into account the various perspectives on Ireland's history in a non-ideological and fun manner.


Celtic Christian Spirituality, Jan 23 - Feb 27

Learn about the origins of Celtic Christianity and the enduring and fascinating legacy of the Irish Saints in time for the feastdays of St. Brigid (February 1) and St. Patrick (March 17) in this 6 week course.




The Celtic Junction is a Twin Cities-based arts and cultural center that provides a central gathering place to educate our audiences and preserve, promote and celebrate the Celtic cultural legacy for the benefit of all ages and future generations. 
Celtic Junction Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and an all ages venue located in the Creative Enterprise Zone.

For questions about events write: concerts@thecelticjunction.com