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836 Prior Avenue
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O'Rourke's Feast CD Launch, July 25

O’Rourke’s Feast is launching their debut CD and everyone’s invited along to the concert. The band plays a wide variety of Irish traditional music, jigs and reels of course, plust slow airs, marches, set dances, hornpipes and polkas, as well as a number of original tunes by Paddy O'Brien and Sherry Ladig arranged with harmonies. The current band lineup includes Paddy O'Brien on button accordion, Suzanne Rhees and Amy Shaw on flutes, Kathleen Green, Ingrid Jans, and Rosa Wells on fiddle, and Sherry Ladig on keyboards. Our former members include fiddlers Danielle Enblom, Nathan Gourley, and Ann Mossey Sandberg, and we’re hoping some of them may be able to join us for the CD launch. [More]

The Celtic Junction is an all ages venue.
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